Covert Artisan Ales

A nano brewery focused on using mixed cultures, ambient temperatures, and local ingredients. Each beer we make is unique and truly handcrafted, from hand processing fruit to yeast propagation using wild yeast and bacteria, along with commercial cultures.

605 S. Watson Ave

Suite 130

Sioux Falls, SD 57106


Using regionally grown ingredients, yeast harvested from around town, and hand-processed fruit, Covert Artisan Ales creates beer that is complex, funky, and delicious. Styles such as saisons and wheat ales are blended to bring you a unique beverage experience. Often, the beer is aged in spirit barrels to add another layer of depth. 

Covert Artisan Ales began in 2018 when owners Dan and Stacey opened a production brewery on the west side of Sioux Falls. Still working their regular full-time jobs, they began brewing on the weekends and in their free time. They spent several years in Europe and wanted to incorporate some of those brewing techniques and flavors into their carefully crafted ales.

Due to the time, it takes for the beers to develop their best flavors, their first release of two beers came in February of the next year. Dana is a funky, tart American Wild ale with notes of tropical and stone fruits. Erzen is the Covert take on a sour red ale, and is slightly acidic with flavors of peach and pear, and has a crisp finish.

Along with wild ales and sours, Covert has brewed several sessions of spontaneous ales. Spontaneous fermentation takes place when ales are fermented with yeast and bacteria from the air outside, rather than cultivated yeasts. It is the original form of ale fermentation. Using a 150-gallon coolship built by a colleague, Dan and Stacey pushed the hot wort outside to cool, and hopefully collect the wild bacteria and yeast necessary to begin spontaneous fermentation. The wort is then transferred to a barrel, where it will age for at least a year, and develop deeply complex flavors.

Covert expanded its operations this July, by adding a pop-up taproom, with regular hours on Friday (5-10 PM) and Saturday (2-10 PM). They’ve increased their available selection from two to nine taps, with regular guest taps and bottles to go.

In early Spring, 2020, Dan and Stacey will expand their business to open Covert Cellars at the East Bank Depot, in Downtown Sioux Falls. In addition to delicious Covert Artisan Ales, they will feature multiple guest taps, to offer something for everyone. 


What’s in a Name?

We’re often asked about our name and logo. Covert is a nod to Dan and Stacey’s military background in intelligence. Both owners are Army combat veterans, who ended up getting out of the military, and continued working for the Department of Defense as contractors. They each spent nearly 15 years in support of intelligence operations all over the world. Beer names such as Support Asset and Adjudication are terms commonly found in the Intel Community.

Stacey was stationed at a unit nicknamed “Sly Fox”, and is the inspiration for the fox logo. Dan designed the fox using simple vectors, which are common in the geospatial field. The colors correspond to the color codes for message classification: Secret (red), Top Secret (Orange), Confidential (blue), and Unclassified (green). 



605 S. Watson Ave, Suite 130

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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